Sansan Introduces Mobile Business card organizer

Sansan Introduces Mobile Business card organizer

Sansan Inc.

Continuing to move forward and grow, in February Sansan released a new version of their base-line “Link Knowledge“, the total revolutionized the manage of business cards for corporate use with the release of “Eight”, for individual use. Both involve not only software but also manual transcription.


Both software solutions are web-based business card management and sharing services which enables companies to minimize its costs and maximize its profits by managing customer relationships.

While Link Knowledge is an enterprise solution for corporations, Eight is a Smartphone application and web service which allows individuals to do many of the same things that Link Knowledge allows corporations to do. Users take photos of the business cards they receive with their Smartphone and our service does the rest. Users will not only have a business card management system but they will also have an automatically created business network, similar to Linkedin, through our service. At this time, the basic service is provided free of charge, even though we are manually transcribing our user’s business cards for them. The number of users is increasing by the day.


Chika Terada, CEO, Sansan, Inc.


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At this time, the basic service is provided free of charge, even though we are manually transcribing our user’s business cards for them. The number of users is increasing by the day.

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At that try to better it becomes at identifying contacts by email address and creating their digital business cards automatically. However, stresses Heimann, it won’t display this information to just anyone – information like a person’s phone number and email are kept private unless you have their physical card or have been sent their digital card via the app.

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